Community Nights at Harrison

Community Nights at Harrison is a year-round program that meets each Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Harrison Park Community Center. We provide opportunities for the whole family to join in artistic play and learning in a screen-free and judgment free environment where all are welcome. Our family forward philosophy ensures that everyone in the family can find value. We host a different program depending on which week it is in the month.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

First Thursday of the Month:

Creativity in the Kitchen is our way of sharing some of our favorite recipes with our NEAC family. Our recipes are healthy (for the most part!) and affordable so that everyone in the family can enjoy them. We work on other concepts related to cooking such as kitchen safety, hygiene and presentation.

Second Thursday of the Month:

During our PlayTime series, we hear from people who are making our community a better place, enjoy a snack, and play a game together to educate and inspire kids on all the possibilities of what they could grow up to be, and let adults know how they can be involved in their community. Past guests have included the mayor, the county attorney, a local author, and representatives from many amazing nonprofits in the area.

Third Thursday of the Month:

Lake Superior Seedlings is our 4-H Club. Through a partnership with UMN Extension 4-H, we are proud to host the only 4-H Club on the west side of Duluth, and to empower kids and their families to discover their talents and learn important life skills, as well as take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that 4H offers.

Fourth Thursday of the Month:

Imagination Station is we do whatever else comes into our minds that doesn’t fit any of the other categories. This is where we do a lot of our artistic play – using visual and expressive arts! Craft projects, tinkering, and storytelling are just a few of the exciting things you might experience during this program.

Fifth Thursday of the Month:

If we have a 5th Thursday, we invite a local artist to come and teach us a little bit about their area of expertise. We have done glass mosaics, ceramic painting and tie dyeing, and are always looking for local artists to feature and learn from. This program does require a reservation and usually has a small registration fee because we believe in paying artists for the beauty they contribute to our world.

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